​three to four weeks prior to party:

  • establish your party budget

  • ​create a guest list

  • ​pick a date, time, and location for your party

  • ​select a theme for your party

  • ​send out the invitations

  • ​decide on your menu and drinks

  • ​pick activities and games for your party

party checklist

​for a smooth party planning experience, the best thing to do is create a timeline and checklist with all your party basics outlined. planning ahead and being organized will allow you to enjoy your party and spend more time with your guests.

one day prior to party:

  • ​put up decorations

  • ​gather the activities and games for the party

  • ​prepare food that can be refrigerated

  • ​purchase fresh meet and food

two to three weeks prior to party:

  • ​take inventory of all kitchen items, tableware, and party supplies that you already own and take notes of what you are missing

  • ​enlist party helpers

  • ​place rsvp guestlist and pen by your phone or computer

  • ​purchase games and game items

  • ​purchase decorations to go along with the theme of your party

day of the party:

  • gather serving pieces

  • ​set up the food table and bar

  • ​prepare the food

  • ​pick up ice

  • ​chill drinks

relax, smile, and have a blast!

two days prior to party:

  • ​Create necessary space in the refrigerator

  • purchase perishable food except fresh meat and seafood

  • ​select music for the party

  • ​purchase extra garbage bags, foil, and plastic wrap- be sure to include recycling glass, aluminum, and plastic bottles in your plans

  • ​have music choices selected and ready

​one week prior to party:

  • ​do all heavy cleaning

  • ​purchase non-perishable food and drinks

  • ​purchase freezable food

  • ​call non-rsvp guests